The Tobolsk Zavalnoye (behind the wall) cemetery is located in the north of the city. It was opened in 1772. As is known, in 1723 Peter the Great ordered to locate cemeteries outside the city limits but for several decades his order wasn’t executed and when Catherine II issued a similar order a new cemetery appeared in Tobolsk.

In 1688 Tobolsk was encircled by an earth wall and when there arose the question about a new cemetery, it was decided to locate it «behind the wall», at the Irkutsk road. And the cemetery was named accordingly.

At the cemetery there remained the gravestones of 18-19 centuries. But of the main historical value are the burials of the Decembrists who had to settle in Siberia after their exile ended. And most of them lived and died in Tobolsk.

The Decembrists were buried near the Church of the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus in the center of the cemetery. They are: Krasnokutsky Semen Grigoryevich (in 1840), Baryatinsky Alexander Petrovich (in 1844), Kukhelbecker Wighelm Karlovich (in 1846), Semenov Stepan Mikhailovich (in 1852), Muravyov Alexander Mikhailovich (in 1853), Wolfe Ferdinand Bogdanovich (in 1854) and Bashmakov Flegont Mironovich.