Deposition of the Theotokos Robe Convent is on the main street of Suzdal, between the Market Square and the Savior Monastery of St. Euthymius. The convent was founded in 1207 and is the oldest surviving monastery in Suzdal.

However, in spite of the date of its foundation, the stone structures appeared at the convent about the same time as at the other monasteries. The main church of the convent – the Cathedral of the Deposition of the Robe of Theotokos – was erected in 1520.

The most curious structure of the convent – the Holy Gate – appeared in 1688. It is a gate with two arches surmounted with small towers decorated with stone carvings.

The Prepodobenskay Bell Tower, the tallest structure in the city, was built in honor of the victory over the Napoleonic armies in 1813. It was built in the classic style and has the height of 72 meters.