Intercession Convent in Suzdal is situated on the low bank of the river Kamenka. One can have the most beautiful view of the Intercession Convent from the high, steep bank of the river near the Savior Monastery of St. Euthymius. It is arguably the best sight of Suzdal representing the beauty of the ancient cities of the Golden Ring.

Suzdal Intercession Convent was founded in 1364, about the same time as the nearby Savior Monastery of St. Euthymius. For about two centuries, up to the construction of the Intercession Cathedral in 1510-1518, there were no stone buildings at the convent. The three-domed cathedral is surrounded by a gallery and seems rather massive.

A bell tower was added to the cathedral in 1515. About the same time, in 1515, there appeared the Holy Gate and the Gate Way Church of Annunciation. The latter was both a strong tower and a church. So the convent acquired its today appearance.

In the 80th of the past century the convent was converted into a hotel. The log houses (izbas) were built on the territory of the convent. They were often rented to the foreigners who wanted to feel the atmosphere of the Russian province. Then the convent was returned to the Church and now it is inhabited by nuns.