The historic center of Suzdal is rather big for foot travels. However, if you want and have enough time, you can go from the Kremlin to the Savior Monastery of St. Euthymius on foot. During this walk you can see 5 monasteries and a great number of churches.

The paved Market Square is the most beautiful and authentic sight of Suzdal. It is surrounded by the old churches and the pillared trading arcades. It is on this square that all city festivities and fairs take place. And tourists also come here for Suzdal souvenirs.

The Suzdal`s market was designed by the local architect Vershinsky in 1806. It was the first Empire-style structure in the city. By its design it strongly resembles the Gostiny Dvor of St. Petersburg and so it was also called the Gostiny Dvor of Suzdal. At the beginning of the 19 century the Our Lady of Kazan Church (winter) and the Resurrection Church (summer) were built in the Market Square.

The Entry into Jerusalem Church and the Friday Church are in the immediate vicinity of the Suzdal Kremlin on the bank of the river Kamenka. Not far from them one can see a kind of the museum of the peasant life as well as numerous stalls with local souvenirs.

If you go to the north of Suzdal, you can see the Lazarus Church and the Antipus Church, the Deposition of the Robe Convent with the Holy Gate and the tallest bell tower in Suzdal. A bit further on is the Savior Monastery of St. Euthymius. After a tour of the monastery you should go to the lookout at its walls and have a beautiful view of the Intercession Convent.