Kemer Resort Area is considered to be one of the most developed resort districts of Antalya Coast. The City of Kemer is 30 kilometers south-west of Antalya. Goynuk and Beldebi are be-tween Kemer and Antalya, and Kirish is a bit to the south. Together with Kemer they form a single resort area.

Kemer has a very beautiful nature. The range of fairly high and picturesque Taurus Mountains is stretched all along the coast. Both the mountains and coastline are covered with pine wood. Is it necessary to say about the purity of air in this place? Surely, yes, and even the closeness of Antalya (rather large city) doesn’t affect it. At Kemer Resort Area the sea, pines and mountains create not only pure air, but also a comfortable micro climate, where the summer heat doesn’t feel too much. Unfortunately, east of Antalya, towards Belek, Side and Alanya, you can find no such nature.

Aside from nature, Kemer differs from the other resort towns by its respectability, flash of night life and a tinge of elite. If in all other towns the majority of tourists generally don’t leave the premises of their hotels, then in Kemer many tourists prefer to spend the evening in the central streets of the city.

The pedestrian areas of Kemer are full of splendid show-windows of expensive boutiques. Here they sell the fashion clothes of the most costly brands, jewellery, expensive watches, luxury goods. There are a lot of good restaurants in Kemer, which are packed with people in the evening, which is uncommon for the other resorts, where tourists prefer to have their meals at all inclusive hotels.

All those who are fond of active night life should consider Kemer in the first place. There are a lot of large night clubs here. Aura and Inferno are the most famous of them. Aura Club is at Dedeman Hotel, and Inferno Club – at the center of Kemer. Both the clubs can accommodate several thousand people, and at high season they are full of dancing young people. Apart from these clubs virtually all hotels and settlements of Kemer Resort Area have many other clubs and discos.

The municipal beach of Kemer deserves a separate note. Here, civilization has overcome the nature. Literally, every square meter of the beach is occupied by deck chairs. Such seaside vacations aren’t suitable for those who love nature and solitude. However, taking into account all this info, they are unlikely to come here.

If you are interested in history, then when in Kemer you can go on many interesting tours. The nearest place is Phaselis – an ancient city located 10 kilometers to the south. A wonderful resort Olympos is 30 kilometers south of Kemer. It is the direct opposite of Kemer. There are a great number of young people, and they live in Olympos not in expensive hotels but in wooden tree-houses. Kadir’s treehouses hostel is the most famous place in Olympos. You should go there to visit at least one night disco. And maybe then you will want to stay there for a longer pe-riod of time.

It will be interesting for those who love history to visit not only Phaselis but also Mira and Kekova. At Mira you can have a look at an ancient Lycian necropolis, as well as the Church of St. Nicolas the Miracle-Maker. Kekova is another ancient city, which was submerged during the earthquake. There is the most interesting place 22 kilometers to the north of Antalya – the ancient city of Termessos.