Alanya is the most eastern resort of the Antalya Riviera, which has all infrastructure needed for a comfortable recreation of thousands of tourists, with beautiful beaches and an interesting excursion program. If you go further to the east, you will find only Mamure Castle, which is 6 kilometers to the east of the city Anamur in Mersin province, but it is interesting only for a short excursion.

Alanya itself has a lot of tourist attractions around the historical center of the city, the peninsula where Alanya Castle is located. The Red Tower, which is a symbol of the city, as well as an ancient shipyard, are on one side of the peninsula. On the other side, you will find the Cleopatra Beach, the Damlatash Cave and the Archaeological Museum.

In the environs of Alanya there are many interesting sights allowing to diversify the rest in the hotel. The picturesque Sapadere Canyon is about 50 kilometers to the east of Alanya. The rocks rise hundreds of meters above the canyon, and a river with dozens of beautiful waterfalls runs down its bottom. On the way to the Sapadere Canyon you should visit the Dwarves Cave.

The Dim Cave, one of the largest and most beautiful caves in Turkey, is in the mountain range, a few kilometers north-east of Alanya. At no distance at all, near the dam of the Dim River, you can have a good rest in a recreation area. There are many restaurants located along the river bed in the area.

To the west of Alanya, in the area of ancient Side, there are also many interesting places for excursions. For Side itself you should spare a whole day. And to the north of it there are very interesting places, such as the Green Canyon and the Manavgat waterfall, which are usually combined in single excursion.

If you go further on in the direction of Antalya, you can visit the ancient city of Aspendos. And to the north of it is the Köprülü Canyon, which is usually used for rafting down a mountain river with easy rapids, as well as to see the ancient Roman bridges. 

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Red Tower (Kyzyl-Kule) - the symbol of Alanya
View Of the old port of Alanya from the top of the rock, where the Fortress of Alanya is located
Cleopatra beach with golden sand in Alanya - one of the best beaches in Turkey
The length of the fortification walls of the Alanya fortress on top of the rock reaches 6.5 kilometers
The wall of the fortress of Alanya follows the relief of the rock, towering over the city for 250 meters
Ruins of the 4th century Byzantine Church of St. George in Alanya Fortress
The old port of Alanya was located under the protection of the Red Tower since the 12th century
The shipyard (dry dock) in Alanya was built by Sultan Ala ad-Din Kay-Kubad in 1228
Tourists can go at flooring along the riverbed in the gorge Sapadere and see most beautiful waterfalls
View of Cleopatra beach from the top of the mountain, where is located the Fortress of Alanya
The upper arch of the Dalmatash cave is covered with sharp stalactites
Antique galleys with goods found at the sea in the Archaeological Museum of Alanya
In the fortress of Alanya, according the relief of the rock, 14 towers were built
There are ruins of the Byzantine monastery of the 4th centur on the Cape of Gilvarda
Stalactites and growths in the form of fabulous animals in the Dim cave near Alanya
There are a lot of giant stalactites and stalagmites in the Dim Cave
The pedestrian path in the Sapadere gorge ends near the highest waterfall
Entrance to the Sapadere gorge in the Western Taurus mountains in 50 kilometers from Alanya
The waterfalls in the gorge Sapadere
Dwarf cave at the top of the mountain near the Sapadere gorge
View of the Western Taurus mountains from the viewpoint at the entrance to the Dwarf Cave