Damlatas cave in Alanya

Damlatash Cave is located in the center of the city, in the western slope of the mountain where the fortress of Alanya is located. You can enter the cave from the Cleopatra Beach. In spite of its small size, you should visit the cave to admire the exceptional beauty of its stalactites.

Damlatash means drop stone or dropping stone in Turkish. And indeed, the ceiling of the cave is covered with a very dense carpet of thin stalactites.  You will find no such stalactites in the other caves. The cave has two tiers. A stair leads from a small platform near the entrance of the cave down to its bottom. The total height of the cave is 15 meters.

The temperature in the cave is constantly kept at 23 degrees. Humidity is almost 100%. The air in the cave contains a lot of carbon dioxide, so it is not very comfortable to breathe in it, however, doctors recommend people suffering from asthma to visit this cave.