The Dim Cave is located on the Jeby-Reis mountain, near the Dim Gorge, through which the picturesque Dim River flows. The turn to the cave is located at the place where the Dim River falls in the sea, in Kestel, the eastern suburb of Alanya. 

From that place you need to go 7 kilometers deep into the Western Taurus mountain range. The Dim Cave is the second largest cave, after the Insu Cave, and is rightly considered one of the most beautiful caves in Turkey.

The Dim Cave has two halls. In the small hall near the entrance you can see very beautiful stone deposits and stalactites, however, the main beauties of the cave are in the main hall stretching 400 meters upwards. It consists of several sections where you can see giant stalactites and stalagmites. Some of them reach the length of several meters.

The cave ends in a huge area of 200 square meters with a small lake. All the halls of the cave are very beautifully illuminated. The cave has a constant temperature, which is around 18 degrees. You should combine a visit to the Dim Cave with a dinner in one of the many restaurants along the Dim River.