The Alanya shipyard (dry dock) was built by Sultan Ala ad-Din Kay-Kubad in 1228. But it is still in a perfect condition. A visit to the shipyard and the Red Tower will be of great interest for all those who are fond of history.

The shipyard is often called «Tersane», which means «shipyard» in Turkish. The width of the facade of the shipyard, which consists of 5 separate arched well-docks, is 56 meters. The width of each well-dock is 8 meters, with the depth of 44 meters.

Ships were built on the shore, and then were launched off the stocks into the sea. The shipyard was in operation for several centuries. Today it houses a museum. In each well-dock there were reconstructed tools and machinery that the ships were built with. Also you can see ship frames, navigation devices and much more.