Archaeological Museum in Alanya

The Archaeological Museum of Alanya is located near the Cleopatra Beach and Damlatash Cave. The musem is also near the cable car station from where you can get to the Alanya Kalesi (fortress), so before going to the fortress, you can visit it too. In 11 rooms of the museum and outside the museum you can see very interesting collections of artifacts found during excavations.

The museum exhibits cover all periods of the various kingdoms that were in the area of Alanya: Lydia, Phrygia, Ancient Greece, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire. This includes sarcophagi, sculptures, fragments of columns, household utensils, weapons and much more.

Of great interest are the most ancient exhibits, for example, a bronze sculpture of Hercules cast in II century B.C. It is believed that the sculpture was brought to Alanya by pirates. There you can find the Phoenician stone with inscriptions of 625 B.C., the handwritten text of the Quran, numerous ancient Greek vases and amphoras.

One of the museum rooms is dedicated to navigation. In the center of the room is the ship`s wreck completely filled with jugs of ancient coins that were found on the seabed off the coast of Turkey.