Manavgat waterfall in Side

Not high, but very powerful Manavgat waterfall is located 8 kilometers north of the ancient Side. It is only 2 meters high, with the width reaching 40 meters. Usually, tourists come here on the way to the Green Canyon.

In 1977, in the Western Taurus, 25 kilometers north of Side, a 185 meter dam was built, which made it possible to create of one of the largest dam lakes in the south of Turkey. It is the Green Canyon, and many tourists come here for a boat trip among the very picturesque rocks.

The Manavgat waterfall has an artificial origin. During the dam construction it was decided to raise the level of the Manavgat river by 2 meters for hydrotechnical purposes – this is how the Manavgat waterfall appeared. Over time, there appeared a large number of souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants in that place.