The Temple of Apollo in antic Side is on the extreme tip of the peninsula, next to the ancient port. It was built in II century A.D. and destroyed during the earthquake in X century. The small Temple of Athena is near the Temple of Apollo. Also, there remained the building of the Byzantine Christian basilica.

During the restoration, only 5 columns and a part of the portico were reconstructed, and sometime the large rectangular building of the temple was surrounded by a colonnade of 34 columns. The height of the columns reaches 9 meters. This temple has become the main attraction of Side, and it looks especially romantic at sunset, when you can admire how the sun sets in the sea through ancient columns.

In the 5th century, during the Byzantine Empire, a Christian Basilica was built on the territory of the Temple of Apollo in side, as well as the Palace of the Bishop of Eastern Pamphylia. Both of these buildings have been preserved dilapidated, although you can go to the Palace and see the interior spaces.