The Green Canyon is an artificial dam lake on the Manavgat river. It is located 25 kilometers north of Side, among the very picturesque rocky mountains of the Western Taurus. It is a popular tour. People come here to admire the mountains from aboard the ship and swim in the emerald waters of the dam lake.

Public transport does not go to the dam, so you will have to go there either by car or together with a group of tourists. The first stop is near the Oymapinar dam, which contributed to the creation of the Green Canyon. The dam with the height of 185 meters was built in 1977.

From the dam to the dam lake you need to go through the tunnel. The boat tour duration is about 2 hours. During this time the boat goes to the end of the dam lake along one shore and then returns along the other shore. Near the picturesque mountains, tourist boats make a stop and everyone can have a dip.