The Vespasian Arch (originally the Vespasian Gate) is a very interesting landmark of antic Side. The main Northern Gate was located about a kilometer from the Arch, and they were connected by a column road. The Vespasian Arch was built in I century A.D. in honor of the arrival in the city of the Roman emperor Vespasian.

The height of the arch reaches 13 meters, with the width of 7 meters. In those days it was a colossal construction. Now a tourist double-decker freely passes under it. In Roman times, at the top of the arch there was a quadriga sculpture. A niche is next the arch where for several centuries there stood a statue of the emperor Vespasian. Now the statue is in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin.

In IV century, the Vespasian Arch also began to be used as a defensive fortification, due to which it was partially walled up with stones. This way it was easier to protect it. Over time, the Vespasin Arch became the main entrance to ancient Side.