Sapadere canyon in Alanya

The Sapadere Canyon is in the mountain range, 50 kilometers to the north-east of Alanya. In recent years this tour has become one of the most popular.  The narrow canyon is very picturesque. It has many waterfalls forming stone basins filled with ice-cold water. 

If you are going to the Sapadere canyon within a group of tourists, you will have 4 stops on the way: on the observation deck near the hotel «Utopia», at the icy-cold mountain river, where you can have a dip, the Dwarves Cave, and near the village mosque. 

The main goal of the tour is the canyon itself, the walls of which are rising hundreds of meters above your head. It was made possible to visit the Sapadere Canyon in 2008 when a tourist path of wooden boards was laid there. The length of the path is about 500 meters. 

A mountain river with a large elevation difference runs down the bottom of the canyon. As a result, there were formed very picturesque waterfalls in the canyon. Ice-cold water is seething in the backwaters among the stones where you can have a dip going down the stair. At the end of the tourist path you can admire a quite high waterfall.