Alanya Castle Ichkale

A strong fortress was built on a high mountain, at the foot of which the city of Alanya is now located, in XIII century. It is the most interesting and large-scale historical landmark of the city. Moreover, it is just from the fortress that you can have the most beautiful views of the mountains, the sea and the city.

The Alanya fortress Ichkale was built by Sultan Ala ad-Din Kay-Kubad. The rocky peninsula rises 250 meters above sea level, and is practically inaccessible neither from the sea nor from the coast. It is just for this reason that already in Roman times they began to build fortifications there, and in the Ottoman period a very strong citadel was built, which defended the strategically important city and port.

To our days the strong walls of the fortress survived in the best condition. The walls reach the length of 6,5 km. The fortress had internal walls, that the buildings at the top were directly encircled with, as well as a line of external defensive walls descending down the eastern slope to the Red Tower. Consistent with the relief of the rock, in the key points there were built 14 towers.

Sometime the fortress housed the residence of the Sultan, a mint, an arsenal, water storage tanks, a bath, a market square, a mosque, and barracks. Most of the buildings did not survive at all to our days, and only ruins are left of the others. The small Byzantine church of St. George dating back to IV century is now in the best condition, although it is also in a dilapidated condition.

The main attraction of the fortress are the most beautiful views that you can have from the observation decks on its walls. From the observation decks you can see the walls themselves, the azure sea located at the foot of them, and the mountain peaks above Alanya.

You can ascend to the fortress by cable car at the Cleopatra Beach. It is the easiest way to get there. Also, you can get to the fortress in your car through the narrow streets of the Old Town or go there on foot from the Red Tower.