The Cleopatra Beach of Alanya with golden coarse sand is rightly considered one of the best beaches in Turkey. It is at the foot of the western side of the rock with the castle of Alanya.

The beach stretches 2,5 kilometers from the rock. The entrance to the water is rather gentle and as the sand is quite coarse the water has an emerald color even at the time of high waves. The citizens of Alanya willingly tell the legend according to which Mark Antony met there with the Egyptian queen Cleopatra and even had sand brought from Egypt.

It makes no sense to talk about the veracity of the legend, but it can definitely be argued that the beach has the best sand in the area of 120 kilometers between Alanya and Antalya. You can find something similar only in the area of Kas on the beaches of Patara and Kaputas.

The very beautiful Damlatash Cave is at the very beginning of the Cleopatra Beach, near the mountain. You can enter it from the beach. The interesting Archaeological Museum is near the cable car station.