Dzhilvarda cape in Alanya

Dzhilvarda cape is a beautiful rocky ledge stretching far into the sea from the peninsula, on which the fortress of Alanya is located. You can see it from the observation decks of the fortress, as well as from a ship going from the Red Tower to the Cleopatra Beach. 

The length of the ledge is about 400 meters. Sometime a long and in places quite dangerous stair led from the top of the mountain down to Dzhilvarda cape. It led to a Byzantine monastery dating back to IV century. Now the steps are in a very bad condition and it is already impossible to use the stair, so it was closed.

It would be better for you to look at the temples of the monastery from aboard a ship. But, unfortunately, the same as the church of St. George within the fortress, they are in a semi-ruined state. From different points of view the cape itself looks either like a turtle or an insect. There are a lot of grottoes and small bays there.