Antalya coast is one of the best resort areas in the world. The beach season there lasts from May through October. There are many interesting historical and nature sights in the area. But most importantly, an excellent infrastructure was created there taking into account almost everything you need for a seaside vacation.

As for the city of Antalya itself, it is a rather big city with heavy traffic. If you want a sea-based recreation by no means should you go to Antalya. Firstly, the city itself does not have the necessary resort atmosphere because of its size. Secondly, the city is on a very high rock plate. So, if, when buying a tour, you see on the map that your hotel is on the seashore, then, having arrived at the place, you will realize that there is no possibility to go down to the sea because of a high cliff of more than 50 meters. In Antalya only the most expensive hotels have elevators, so that you can go down to the beach.

As for the resort villages surrounding Antalya, this is just a paradise for people who are fond of a quiet, lazy beach recreation with the highest level of service. Many hotels are based on the all inclusive system, and five-star hotels – even on the ultra all inclusive system.

Resort villages are on both sides of Antalya. To the south-west of the city, the main hotel zones are in the villages of Kemer, Tekirova, and Olympos. To the south-east of Antalya, there are more resort villages. They are Belek, Side, Alanya, and Candia.

Hotels with private beaches are distinctive feature of Turkish resorts. This gives you an opportunity to rest comfortably without leaving the hotel. In most other countries beaches are municipal and open for everyone. In Turkey, the hotel beaches are fenced off and can be used only by hotel guests.

If you spend your vacation in one of the villages near Antalya, you should visit the Old Town with a group of tourists. In the center of Antalya, you can have a walk in the Old Town (Kaleici) near the port, look at Yivli Minaret Mosque. In the east of Antalya there is a remarkable attraction – the 50-meter Duden Waterfall. There are many parks on the waterfront.

There are many historical sights around Antalya. Pamukkale is the most popular tourist attraction. You must visit the ruins of ancient towns Termessos, Phaselis, Perge, Aspendos and Olympos. It will also be very interesting to have a trip to the flooded ancient towns Mira and Kekova. In Mira you can see a church where St. Nicholas was a rector. Such a number of antique places is very impressive.

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The clock tower of Saat Kulesi is one of the most famous symbols of Antalya
Yivli minaret - the symbol of Antalya
Sunset on the beaches of Belek
Luxury all inclusive hotels in Belek
Fortress walls protecting the port of Antalya
Sarcophagus in the necropolis at the foot of the ancient amphitheater in Termessos
Ancient amphitheater of Termessos is on the edge of a bluff in the mountains
Main street of Perga is paved with marble slabs and stretches from the Hellenistic Gate to the Acropolis
Unique Roman bridge spanning a tributary of the Köprüçay river in canyon Koprulu
Duden waterfall in Antalya (50 meters) - one of the most picturesque in Turkey
Hadrian gate (130 ad) - the most significant historical monument of Roman architecture in Antalya
The Ottoman house of the 19 century in the district of Kaleici in the centre of Antalya
Hydyrlyk tower was built in the 2nd century ad by the ancient Romans in the heyday of Antalya
Stroll among souvenir shops by the quarter Kaleici
Some houses of Kaleici quarter are built into the ancient fortress wall of Antalya
The Roman amphitheatre (2 A.D.) in ancient Aspendos is perfectly preserved till our time
Roman aqueduct of the 2nd century in Aspendos - the largest surviving aqueduct in Turkey
The sculpture of the Weary Herakles in the Archaeological Museum of Antalya
Jets of kurshunlu waterfall fall from a height of 18 meters among moss, ferns and other plants
The interior of the Yivli Minare mosque in Antalya
Karaalioglu Park - the largest Park in the historic center of Antalya, located on the high Bank
Sea view from the high Bank of the Karaalioglu Park in Antalya