Khadzhokh is in a rural locality called Kamennomostsky. This narrow canyon has a width of 5-6 meters and a depth of some 35 meters. The Belaya (White) River runs down the canyon before it flows into a plain reaching the width of 50 meters.

The length of Khadzhokh canyon is about 400 meters. From a space near the mouth of the canyon you can go down to the river to see where it enters the canyon. It is just there that Shum (noise) waterfall is located. Noise is created by a powerful stream going through several rapids. And at the time of floods the level of water increases by several meters and noise is replaced by din.

Then you should go under a road bridge. The path runs along the canyon to the main sight of Khadzhokh, a stone bridge, which gave its name to a nearby settlement Kamennomostsky. 

About 50 years ago it was a real stone bridge. The «bridge» was created by the Belaya River cutting twisting holes in the rock. But eventually these bays collapsed and now it is just a fanciful rock formation looking like a bridge. There are several viewing points along Khadzhokh canyon. There you can also look at a bear in an open-air cage and visit a small zoo.