Lago-Naki Plateau is a large mountain region located to the north from the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range. The easiest Lago-Naki routes, even for unexperienced tourists, is in the environs of Guzeripl. The settlement is 45 kilometers to the south from Kamennomostsky.

To climb the plateau at Guzeripl you need go on the road beginning near a bridge spanning the Zholobnaya River. Quite a good road is leading to a high-land part of Lago-Naki. After you go about 15 kilometers on the road you will see the famous Stone Sea ridge. You should go to the end of this road, up to ski trails. It is just there that the ecological pathway begins leading right to the plateau. 

To enjoy the beauties of Lago-Naki it will be enough to climb the plateau (the height is about 1700 meters). If you have enough time, you can go towards Fisht or Oshten. But you cannot do it within daylight hours.

On the way from Guzeripl to Kamennomostsky you should stop near the Granite Canyon of the Belaya River. If you turn left and cross the river at Dakhovskaya, you can approach the Stone Sea ridge from the north by this road. It is there that the Great Azish Cave is located. It is open for tourists.