The Granite canyon of the Belaya River is one of the most impressive sights of a Caucasus nature reserve in Adygea. It is amazing that a mountain river could cut its way among massive granite rocks at the bottom of a narrow canyon. The canyon is not far from village Dakhovskaya on the way from Kamennomostsky to Guzeripl.

The canyon itself stretches for about 4 kilometers. The river passes by pink granite rocks. In that place its water also acquires a beautiful turquoise shade. Rapids, whirlpools and rifts of the narrow Granite canyon look very picturesque. In some places the canyon is only 2 meters wide.

The Granite canyon of the Belaya River is a popular but a very difficult rafting route. Usually rafting tours are held there either in spring or at the beginning of summer when water is still high. In summer the water level decreases and this stretch of the river becomes very dangerous for rafting.

The Granite canyon of the Belaya River is about 30 kilometers from stanitsa Dakhovskaya. There are several parking areas along the road to Dakhovskaya. You should leave your car at one of the parking areas and descend to the river. Also you can have a walk along the edge of the Granite canyon, near the parking areas, and enjoy very beautiful nature of Adygea.