A stream called Rufabgo is 2 kilometers from Kamennomostsky. It is a tributary of the Belaya River. The Rufabgo having its source on a high plateau runs down a deep gorge in several cascades or waterfalls. You can have a walk on a tourist path running between the first and the fourth waterfalls.

You can get to the path by a bridge (paid) across the Belaya River. A big glade with cafes and pavilions is beyond the bridge. From that place you can see the first waterfall Shum (Noise) and a small waterfall Kaskadny. They are only several hundred meters from there.

Further on the gorge becomes very picturesque, with rock sides looking like a puff pastry. The third and the most beautiful waterfall called the Heart of Rufabgo is among the beautiful rocks. According to a legend, it was the heart of the giant Rufabgo. The waterfall falls down from under a heart-shaped rock. 

After this most beautiful waterfall you can see the highest waterfall called Shnurok (also known as the Maiden Braid). The height of the waterfall is about 20 meters. The above mentioned tourist path ends at this waterfall. But you can go on to another two waterfalls, the Bowl of Love and the Maiden Braids. They are 900 meters up the river.