You can see the Maiden Rock on the way from Kamennomostsky to Dakhovskaya, just in the middle of the road. The rock weighing several hundred tonnes fell on the road from the Una-Koz Ridge.

The rock is 35 meters high and 27 meters wide. Because of its size the rock couldn`t be moved from its place so the road runs around it. The Maiden Rock is exactly halfway from Khadzhokh (now Kamennomostsky) to Dakhovskaya and once served a natural border between the stanitsas.

As many legends are related to the Maiden Rock it also has many names. It is also known as the Cossack Rock, the Circassian Rock and even the Shaitan Rock.

On the way to the Lago-Naki Plateau or the Granite Canyon some tourists stop at the Maiden Rock and climb to its top to either have some photos or look at the canyon of the Belaya River.