Komsomolsky Avenue is the main street in the historical part of Perm. It begins at Sobornaya Square on the high bank of the Kama. From there it runs down towards an engine plant. Formerly, Komsomol Avenue was called Kungurskaya Street.

A walking path lined with trees runs down the center of Komsomol Avenue. And although now the avenue is mainly built up with modern buildings, trading centers and hotels, in some places there remained historical buildings and churches. However, here they are not as numerous as on Sibirskaya Street.

There are small monuments and sculptures in some places of Komsomol Avenue. The urban sculpture Permyak Salty Ears is the most famous of them. The region was well known for salt production and according to legend, the nickname was given to workers who used to carry bags of salt on their shoulders and whose ears became saturated with salt, causing them to increase in size and turn red.