The shops of the famous Motovilikha plant are in the eastern part of city. It is a large enterprise engaged in the production of steel of special grades, as well as military machinery: multiple-launch rocket systems, field and self-propelled artillery.

The building of the Motovilikha plant museum, and later an open-air museum, appeared in 1976. The plant itself was founded in 1736, more than ten years after the Yegoshikha copper smeltery, which was the town-forming enterprise of Perm.

The plant mainly specializes in the production of artillery. At first, it manufactured only guns and mine throwers of various types. Later the plant also began to produce SP artillery systems such as Nona, Msta, Hyacinth, Vienna and Tulip. The systems are continuously improved.

In the recent decades multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) have been a very important production line. They are produced in cooperation with Tula design offices. The famous Grads and more powerful Uragans and Smerches are also manufactured at this plant.

At the open-air museum of the Motovilikha plant you can see the most different exhibits ranging from the guns of World War I to modern MLRSs. There you can also see various air defense complexes, from the very first С-125 Pechora to modern С-300.