Manezhnaya square in Moscow

While walking about Moscow you are sure to pass by Manezhanya Square as it connects two main sights of the city – the Kremlin and the Red Square. Earlier you could enter the Kremlin only through the Kutafya Tower, which is at the Alexander Garden. But in 2017 tourists could also enter the Kremlin through the Spasskaya Tower on the Red Square.

Now the square is a large underground shopping center. Three floors are under the ground while beautiful passages and fountains are above the ground. The canal with fairy-tale characters is along the border with the Alexander Garden.

A big dome with direction signs is in the center of Manezhanya Square. The monument of St. George the Victorious is on the top of the dome. In the evenings on Manezhanya Square and at the Alexander Garden there are always a lot of walking and resting people.

The main sights located around Manezhanya Square are the Alexander Garden and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The latter is at the Alexander Garden. On one side of the square you can see the Manege, which was built without a single inner support over a hundred years ago. Two interesting museum are on the other side of Manezhanya Square, near the State Historical Museum. They are the War of 1812 Museum (in the former building of the City Duma) and the Archaeological Museum (under the ground near the hotel «Moscow»).