Mount Kruglitsa is the highest peak of the Great Taganai ridge. Usually, the mountain is the end point of all Taganai routes. The main sight of the Taganai park, the Fairy Tales Glade, is at the foot of Mount Kruglitsa. You can have a beautiful view of all peaks and valleys of Taganai from the mountain.

The mountain consists of white and pink quartzite with aventurine inclusions. The mountain hut «Taganai» is at the east side of Mount Kruglitsa. There begins a three kilometer path leading to the summit of the mountain. However, the ascend is rather difficult, as the upper third of Mount Kruglitsa is almost completely covered by taluses, which are dangerous to step on. 

The sides of the mountain are overgrown by creeping junipers and stunted firs. The northern shoulder of the mountain, which is almost 100 m below the main peak, is a flat plateau covered by tundra vegetation.

Kruglitsa, like a magnet, attracts psychics, occultists and esoterics. On the rocks you can see various sacred signs. Also, there are many small seitas (piles of rocks) there. It is said that the peak of the mountain has a special positive energy.