If you go on the upper path from Zlatoust, the first sight of the Taganai you will meet on the way will be the Two-Headed mountain. It is at the 13th kilometer of the path. The stair leading to the top of the mountain is at the mountain hut «White Spring.»

The Two-Headed mountain is a southern peak of the Great Taganai ridge. You can admire the Alpine meadows on the southern and western slopes of the Two-Headed mountain. A climbing wall is also on the southern slope of the mountain. The southern peak of the mountain is called the «Feathers» as it resembles the wing of a flying bird. Its height is 1034 m.

The northern peak is a bit higher reaching the height of 1041 m. Its slopes are covered by numerous taluses. It consists of terraces, rock walls and fissures. The peak is known to tourists as the «Lamb Foreheads.»

There are many springs at the foot of the Two-Headed mountain. The most famous of them, the White Spring, is at the south-eastern side of the mountain. Western and southern slopes of the mountain go down in the valley of the river Bolshaya Tesma.