The Otkliknoy Crest is probably the most beautiful and the second highest peak at the Taganai after Mount Kruglitsa. It was given such name for its shape, as well as for a long, loud echo. Depending on the point of observation, it resemble either a huge petrified dragon or a frozen wave or a crest.

You can climb the Otkliknoy Crest by its west side. Even so this side is covered by taluses, it is more gentle, while the east side of the mountain, which can be seen from the upper path, is almost vertical. From the top of the mountain you can have a wonderful view on the whole Taganai, as well as on the faraway South Urals taiga.

The Otkliknoy Crest reaches the height of 1155 meters, with the height of vertical teeth on the top of the mountain being some 150 meters. The rock of the mountain consists of shales and quartzites, with mica inclusions. You can also find rock crystal there.