Stone Taluses are conglomerations of rather big rocks you can find in many places of the Taganai. They are very similar to the streams of rocks and the biggest of them located in the valley between the ridges of Great and Middle Taganai is even called the Big Stone river.

You can approach the Big Stone river by the lower path. However, if you follow the upper path where you can see the main sights of the Taganai, when you turn to the Two-Headed mountain you will cross small taluses.

Taluses consist of quartzite rocks. In ancient times several streams of rocks slided down the mountain slope stretching from the Two-Headed mountain to the Otkliknoy Crest.

You can find various taluses in this area. Some taluses are quite old with rocks densely covered by mosses while the other taluses are fairly young. These rock streams reach the width of about 20 meters. You should be very careful when crossing them as you can easily lost the path.