Murom Museum of History and Art

The Murom Museum of History and Art is in the central Moskovskaya street. Formerly, it was in the house of the Zworykin merchants where Vladimir Zworykin was born, the inventor of television. The museum’s exposition was based on the collection of Prince Uvarov from his estate in Karacharovo near Murom.

There you can see very ancient icons, including the icon of St. Nicholas dating back to 13 century, the icons of Murom icon painter A. Kazantsev, several carved church utensils, as well as local folk costumes.

Russian art of 19 century is represented by the paintings of A. Ivanov, I. Shishkin, V. Surikov, V. Polenov and many others. It will be interesting to see the family portrait gallery from the estate of the Uvarov princes.

One of the expositions is devoted to Vladimir Zworykin. In 1919, together with the officers of the Kolchak army, Zworykin ended up in New York where he began working for Westinghouse. In 1929 Zworykin developed a vacuum television receiving tube, a kinescope, and by 1931 he developed a transmitting tube, an iconoscope. And in June 1933 Zworykin developed an electronic television system. In the 1940th he broke the light beam into blue, red, and green colors, and thus invented color television.