Water tower in Murom

In the center of Murom there is a water tower, which, from the moment of its appearance, belongs to the city sights. This is due to the fact that in Murom a full-blown water supply system was built earlier than in other surrounding cities, including the regional center Vladimir.

The city of Murom is on a very high bank of the Oka river, and women had to rise several times a day from the river with buckets on a yoke. The city head Alexei Yermakov, after a talk with one of these women who complained about the difficulties of home water supply, decided to build a full-blown water supply system in the city.

The foundation of the water supply system was laid down in 1863, and it was commissioned the next year. Water was first supplied to the water tower from the Oka, and from there it was supplied to 16 distribution centers. In Murom all houses began to be supplied with water, fountains appeared.