Thailand is one of the world`s best tourist destinations for those who want to spend their holiday on some beach. And if you add to it the opportunity to visit most interesting (historical) sites plus high-rate service and low prices (almost on everything), the country can be considered quite suitable for lovers of seaside holidays.

You can also find similarly beautiful beaches on some islands, for example on Seishel and Maldive Islands, as well as some Caribbean islands, but they are expensive resorts and there is nothing besides excellent beaches and good hotels. In Thailand, you can not only get burned on local beaches, but also indulge in various types of adventure holiday, such as trekking across jungles, including on an elephant, and trips to relatively low and very picturesque mountains, as well rafting and first-rate diving.

If you want to go sightseeing you must make a stop in Bangkok. It is one the most interesting cities of South-Eastern Asia. Grand Palace and Temple of Emerald Buddha, as well as temples on the bank of Chao Pray River – all this can be interesting even for those who aren’t very fond of sightseeing. Not far from Bangkok (one hour taxi drive) there is Ayutthaya, the capital of the Kingdom of Thailand. It is very interesting for lovers of antiquities. Ruins of ancient Buddhist temples are scattered all over the city.

And if you are really interested in ancient Buddhist temples and you have enough money, then while being in Bangkok you can order a three-day trip to Angkor Wat. It is the world`s largest Buddhist temple located near Siem Rip in Cambodia. Every day several planes start there from Bangkok. The trip (tickets and hotel) will cost you about 600 USD per head.

All the other historical sites of Thailand are very far to the north from Bangkok. Therefore, if you want to visit them too, you should spare several days for it.

If you are young and mainly interested in uninhibited night parties, you should go to Pattaya. Over the last decade or so this former village has turned into a fairly fashionable youth resort, but at the same time the city can not boast of its scenery and the sea isn’t quite clean, comparing with other parts of the country. But all this can be compensated by a huge number of bars, discos and other entertainments.

If you are interested in beaches and beautiful nature, you should go to the islands in the southern part of Thailand. The most popular of them are Phuket and Samui. There you can find a beach to your taste, though they aren’t the most beautiful ones.

The most beautiful beach, having an unforgettable effect, is Maya Bay on Phi Phi Island. It was just there that «Plage» has been shot, which you may look through before going to Thailand. Probably, it is the world`s most romantic beach. Not the least beautiful beach, called Pra Nang, is in Krabi province. It is surrounded by most beautiful mountains with stalactites and rock-islands. Phang-Nga Bay is also very picturesque (near Krabi). It was just there that films of James Bond have been shot.

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Railay beach as viewed from the viewing point near Phra Nang beach.
Wat Phra Kaew Buddhist temples in the Royal Palace
The Royal Pantheon in the foreground. Behind the Pantheon is the Library building and the Golden stupa Phra Si Ratana Chedi
Statue of the emerald Buddha in Bangkok
The building of the Ubosot temple, where the main Shrine of Thailand is kept - the statue of the emerald Buddha
Wat Chaiwatthanaram is the most well preserved temple of Ayutthaya.
All tourists can have a ride on the back of an elephant at an elephant farm near the former Royal Palace.
Head of Buddha is the main symbol of Ayutthaya.
Lotus-shaped stupa at the Wat Phra Ram temple.
Restored statues of Buddha at the Wat Mahathat temple.
James Bond Island. After the film about James Bond this small rock in the Phang-Nga Bay became a cult place
Chicken island is a few kilometers from Ao Nang beach.
Coral sand on the beach of the Tub island.
Maya Bay Beach is the gem of Phi Phi Island.
Phi Phi Lei island at the entrance to the bay.
Snorkeling site at the Loh Samah Bay in the south of the Phi Phi Lei island.
Within the Pileh Cove at the Phi Phi island
From this point it looks like Maya Bay beach is completely hidden behind the rocks.
Karon Beach - one of the most beautiful in Phuket
Copse of mangrove trees in the Phang-Nga Bay.
Rock separating Phra Nang and Railay beaches.
Beach of the Pod island a few kilometers from Ao Nang beach.
Ao Nang beach in the rays of the setting sun.
Floating village in the Panyee island. All tourist boats heading for Phang Nga make a stop there
Khao Phing Kan cave. It was just in this cave that the headquarters of the villain from the film about James Bond was located
Canoe tour over the caves of the Panak island
River Canoeing trails in the tropical rain forest of Khao Sok run along these picturesque cliffs
There are many high rocky mountains covered with jungle in the tropical rain forest Khao Sok
The landscape of the tropical rain forest of Khao Sok in Thailand