Yessentuki balneological resort travel guide

The balneological resort of Yessentuki is small comparing to resorts of Pyatigorsk and Kislovodsk, but its significance is as great as that of two main resorts in the Mineralnye Vody Region. The specific of the sanatoriums of Yessentuki was determined by the composition of the famous mineral waters Yessentuki-4 and Yessentuki-17, used for treatment of deceases related to the digestive apparatus, as well as liver and biliary tracts.

The most famous landmark of Yessentuki is the Semashko therapeutic mud baths. It was built in the style of the ancient Roman thermae during 1913-1915. The entrance is performed in the style of a portico with Doric columns. There are many sculptures of the heroes of the ancient Roman myths on both sides of the entrance as well as inside the building. The guests can make applications of various kinds of slime mud, take coniferous or coniferous & pearl baths and the other treatments.

While in Yessentuki all vacationers are spending most of the time at the Resort & Treatment Park. Besides, there is also a rather large Victory Park in the town. The Nicolas Baths (Upper Baths) are located in the center of the Resort Park. The sign on the fronton reads as follows: «Bath Building of the Emperor Nicolas II. Consecrated in 1898». 

From the Baths you can go down to the main alley of the park where there are a lot of walking people. Two Yessentuki-4 pump-rooms, a Yessentuki-17 Pavilion, Theater Park, and the Building of Mechanical Treatment are located there. You can also visit the Chaliapin Concert Hall located on the square in front of the Resort Park.