Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir

Russian State was formed in IX century in Velikiy Novgorod, and then the capital was moved to Kiev. However, in the period of feudal disunity, in XII century, Vladimir-Suzdal Princedom, with the center in Vladimir, became the strongest one.

Prince Andrei of Vladimir, also known as Andrei Bogolyubsky decided to build the temple, which would stress the status of Vladimir as the political center of Russia. Assumption Cathedral was built in Vladimir in 1158-1160 годах, and 30 years later, after a fire, the cathedral was significantly extended in 1186-1189. Since that time it remained unchanged until nowadays.

In XV century many icons and frescoes of Assumption Cathedral were painted by the great Russian icon-painter Andrei Rublev. In XVIII century the icons of Rublev in the iconostasis were replaced by the new ones, and sent to the church of the village of Vasilyevskoye, and in the Soviet time they were brought to the Tretyakov Gallery. But the frescoes of Rublev remained in the picture of the Last Judgment on the west side of Assumption Cathedral. Up to 1395 another Russian sacred thing – the Icon of the Blessed Virgin of Vladimir – was also kept at the cathedral.

In 1810 the Belfry was added to Assumption Cathedral. The cathedral itself is on the very high hill over the Klyazma River. It is surrounded by a beautiful park where there always a lot of walking citizens. In the immediate vicinity of Assumption Cathedral another monument of Vladimir architecture is located – Dmitrievsky Cathedral, - which is UNESCO World Heritage site.