Demetrius Cathedral in Vladimir photo

At the end of XIII century Vladimir-Suzdal Princedom became the most powerful among all the other princedoms of the ancient Rus. After Andrey Bogolyubsky built Assumption Cathedral in 1158, his successor prince Vsevolod the Great Nest laid down the foundation of Demetrius Cathedral, in honor of his newborn son Dmitry, in 1195.

The cathedral is very interesting for its bas reliefs of mythical animals and birds, as well as vegetation ornaments. In the center of compositions above the entrances one can see bas-reliefs of King David singing psalms. Totally, on four sides of the cathedral, over 600 bas re-liefs remained intact.

In the cathedral the frescoes of XII remained. All wall of the temple are painted with golden paints. Unfortunately there is no asses inside the cathedral