The bunker of General Otto Lasch who headed the defense of the city in 1945 is to the north of the now ruined Königsberg or Royal Castle. He signed the capitulation of the garrison on April 9, 1945.

Being the last Commandant of Königsberg (Kaliningrad) Lasch took the post on January 28, 1945 when the city was already surrounded and the Soviet troops made preparations for the attack. The construction of the bunker began by his order in February 1945. And in March the situation became so critical that the command staff moved in the bunker. 

The bunker is a structure of cement and granite reaching the length of 42 meters. Twenty rooms are on both sides of the main corridor of the bunker. The bunker was at a depth of 7 meters and had all necessary life support systems.

A museum was opened in the bunker in 1968. There 5 dioramas of active combats during the attack against Königsberg at the museum. Using wax figures in two rooms of the museum there was reconstructed the setting of the German staff during the storm of the Soviet troops: the offices of General Lasch and the Chief of the Staff Suskind-Schwendi.