Victory Square is located in the northern part of the historical center of Kaliningrad (Königsberg). Earlier it was called Hansaplatz. The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is in the middle of the square. Kaliningrad City Hall and several office buildings  are also on the square.

Before the beginning of 20 century the inner wall ring and two gates — Steindamm Gate and Tragkhaym Gate — were in this place. In 1910 the wall and the gates were puled down and Hansaplatz was created instead. The pavilions of the East Fair was built on Hansaplatz In 1920. The building of trade missions now occupied by Kaliningrad City Hall was erected on the opposite side of the square. 

Königsberg was an esclave of Germany surrounded by less technically developed countries so in the pavilions of the East Fair there were always expositions of German machinery. The House of Machinery, the largest pavilion of the East Fair, remained to our days and is now occupied by the shopping center «Epicenter».

Hansaplatz also was a large transport hub. The Northern railway station was on the square and several main avenues of the city also met there. The building of the railway station survived the last war but was occupied by «The House of Post-Voyage Recreation of Sailors». The today much smaller Northern railway station was built behind the historical building now occupied by a bank office.

The largest shopping centers of Kaliningrad are on Victory Square. At the beginning of the noughties the square was completely reconstructed and face-lifted. 

On the side of the park the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour was erected, which became the main church of Kaliningrad eparchy of the Russian Orthodox Church. In the middle of the square the Triumphal Column resembling the Alexander Column on the Palace Square of Petersburg was installed. The column was surrounded by fountains and flowerbeds. A two-domed church in honour of Peter and Fevronia of Murom was built on the square in 2008.