The Fishing Village is a small quarter styled as the old Königsberg. It is on the embankment of the former Altstadt (Old Town), opposite Kneiphof Island where Königsberg Cathedral is located. Sometime the famous Fischmarkt was there.

You must drop in at the Fishing Village, which is connected with Kneiphof Island (Kant Island) by the Honey Bridge. The fishing village is located on the bank of the Old Pregel. As the Old Town was destroyed during the Great Patriotic War, it was right to create an ethnographical center where one could have the feel of the old Königsberg. 

The houses have a frame structure there. There are many cafes and souvenir shops and a hotel in the Fishing Village. The viewing tower «Lighthouse» is in the center of the fishing village. One can climb the tower to have a view on the environs and Kneiphof Island with Königsberg Cathedral. The quay called the «river station» is near the tower. Small cutters are moored at the quay. One can have a ride on the river aboard one of the cutters. One of the historical bridges was restored in the fishing village. Formerly, it was the Imperial Bridge but as it was restored by the 750th anniversary of Königsberg it is now the Anniversary Bridge.

In the past the fishing village had a characteristic look of a Hansa town. The New Liberal Synagogue was built near the Honey Bridge In 1862. It was one of the biggest and most beautiful synagogues in Germany. But under Hitler it was plundered during the Night of Broken Glass on November 9, 1938. However, the building itself was not ruined during World War. In our days it is planned to restore this synagogue.