For a long time the luxurious hotel Burj-al-Arab (Arab tower) was the symbol of Dubai till there appeared the world`s tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa. However, Burj-al-Arab still remains the symbol of elite rest in Dubai.

It is these facts that characterize the approach of the emirate rulers to the shaping of the image of their country. If you build a skyscraper, it must be twice as tall as its predecessor, If you build an hotel, it must be as luxurious that it was 7-star rated contrarily to all ratings.

Burj-al-Arab Hotel was built in 1999, and with the height of 321 meters, it was the world`s tallest hotel for over ten years, till in 2008 in Dubai there was built another skyscraper, the Rose Tower Hotel (333 meters).

The recognizable silhouette of the Burj-al-Arab Hotel (it has the shape of a sail) created a necessary image for it and the whole Dubai, as at the turn of the century there weren’t the skyscrapers that tourists can see today, and Dubai only began to develop as a popular destination of elite resort rest.

The cost of a room (the smallest suite of 170 m2) starts from $2 thousands per night. The cost of a royal suite of 780 m2, will be nearly $30 thousand per night. And at that you must acknowledge that the sheikh of Dubai Muhammad bin Rashid al Maktoum didn’t miscalculated the effective demand. Several years after its construction Burj-al-Arab Hotel operated at full capacity, and you even had to book and pre-pay your suite (at the time of booking) several months before your trip.