The best beaches of Dubai are in Jumeirah District. There you will always find a perfect cleanness, soft white sand and crystal transparent water. Water is warm even in winter, so you can plan your travel to Dubai for any season of the year.

You should only take it into account that in summer it is very hot in Dubai, so you`d better come there either in low season or in winter. At that time there will almost certainly be a comfortable weather, although there is some risk of a dust storm because of which the beaches of Dubai are immediately closed.

On the beaches of Dubai there are no such strict rules as in Abu-Dhabi or the other emirates, where you can bathe only at the specially assigned parts of the beach and only before sunset. Dubai is much more liberal in this respect.

As a rule, large hotels offer free buses to one of the beaches of Dubai, but they quite difficult to get on and you should reserve a seat in advance. However, the cost of a taxi makes it possible to use it every time you go to the beach.

The beach, which is closest to the Avenue of the Sheikh Zayed, is near the Jumeirah Mosque. However, in Dubai the word Jumeirah means a big district of two-storey houses with a great number of beaches most of which are open. There are paid beaches but their superiority over the free ones isn`t evident. Also some beaches may have the so-called women`s days when they are closed for men.

It will be very interesting to visit a beach near the Marina Dubai, where skyscrapers come close to the waterfront. It is there that you can feel that you are in a modern megalopolis.