Jumeirah District stretches for several kilometers along the sea. There are located the best beaches in Dubai. There are many luxurious mansions enclosed by high fences there, and in the old part of the district the Jumeirah Mosque is located, which is open for everyone.

For rare exceptions, Dubai has almost no hotels located within a walking distance from the beach. Burj al Arab, Jumeirah and Marina Beach are perhaps the most famous hotel built on the beach, but not everyone can stay at them because of very high prices.

Most high-rise hotels are along the Avenue of the Sheikh Zayed. It is the main thoroughfare of the city called after the first sheikh of Abu Dhabi, who was able to unite the emirates in a single whole. So far there is but a continuous line of skyscrapers along the avenue, with uninhabited spaces behind them, and only at the far away sea you can see the buildings of Jumeirah District.

All hotels have free buses carrying tourists to the beaches of Jumeirah. As a rule, they make 1-2 runs in the morning and you should reserve a seat in advance. In the evening the buses bring the tourists back. If you don’t get on the free bus, then it will cost you about 30 dirhams ($10) to get from a hotel on the Avenue of the Sheikh Zayed to the beach.

An excursion to the Jumeirah Mosque may be interesting enough. It is open for everyone, which is uncommon for the mosques in the other countries of the Middle East. During the excursion you will be told many interesting things about the history of Islam. Also, it will be interesting to have a visit to the beautiful Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi.