After the world`s largest shopping center, Dubai Mall, had been built in Dubai there appeared another sight, which is a have-to-visit for every tourist – the Aquarium and Aqua Zoo. There you can see 55 thousand fishes and various herptiles.

Dubai Aquarium is within the Dubai Mall on the musical fountain side. You should come there in the evening, to be exact at 18.00 when the first performance of the Dubai Fountain begins. In this case you can see the Mall, the Aquarium and the Dubai Fountain.

You can see the huge acrylic panel of the Dubai Aquarium from the foyer of the Mall, and you need to pay for it, however, it will be interesting to see the Aquarium from the inside. There are three kinds of tickets for the Dubai Aquarium: for the aquarium tunnel only, for the aqua zoo and for a boat ride. The optimum variant will be the ticket for the tunnel + aqua zoo.

There is no sense in paying for a boat ride as it will be a ride within a technical room above the aquarium. You can see almost no fish there as they are down at the tunnel. You will be suggested to look through the transparent bottom of the boat, but even then you can hardly see anything.

On the entrance of the tunnel you will at once see a shoal of giant five-meter sharks waiting for visitors. Through the half a meter glass you can see their huge teeth. At a distance you can see huge skates, moray eels and simply big fishes.

In the aqua zoo there was created the atmosphere of a tropical island. In the aquariums you can see herptiles, crocodiles, penguins, chameleons and the other living creatures. It will be interesting enough to see all this.