Marina Dubai is a bunch of residential skyscrapers densely ringing the bay where the yachts and boats of the residents of the district are moored. Along the bay waterfront there is an endless line of restaurants of all world`s cuisines creating the atmosphere of a posh resort.

And even if you don’t stay at one of the hotels of Marina Dubai, you should come there for a whole day. At daytime you can bathe on the excellent Marina Dubai Beach. There the skyscrapers come close to the beach, which isn’t the case in the other places of Dubai. 

Nearby there is the famous artificial Palm Archipelago, which is almost completely built up by expensive mansions, where liver rich and famous people all of the world.

In the evening there are walking many people on the waterfront. There are dozens of restaurants with all of them offering dishes of different cuisines of the world (with no repetitions) on the waterfront. At the entrances of apartment buildings you can see Rolls-Royces and Maseratis. It is rather funny to see such cars on the parking lots at the entrances of apartment buildings, but what is impossible in Europe is quite common in Dubai.