Deira District is the very site on the bank of the Dubai Creek where Dubai was founded in the middle of 19 century. At that, till the middle of 20 century the main income source of the natives was pearl fishery. And when oil pools were discovered in the Persian Gulf it drastically changed the appearance of the country.

However, Deira District still remains the shopping center in the oriental meaning of the word. Bohemian shopping was moved to the Dubai Mall, where you can buy clothes or some devices by very high prices. And in Deira District there remained the old shops run by the Hindus you can haggle with, but you must be aware that there you run a risk to buy a false thing.

Abraj Shopping Center is on Subkha Street at the Baniyas metro station. It has quite a specific appearance. On the first floors cosmetics and clothes are sold, and the shops of fur coats begin from the 4th floor. The shops are in narrow passages, but they offer perhaps the largest choice of fur coats among all other shopping centers of Dubai.

Spice market is at the very bend of the Dubai Creek in the north of Deira District, near the Ras metro station. From there on Al Khor street you can go to the Gold Market. Between them along the embankment of the Dubai Creek a simple flea market is located where you can buy everything «very cheaply».

On Al Akhmadi Street there`s located the museum of the Arab everyday life you can visit free of charge. It will be interesting to visit the museum to see how the Arab houses looked in the past century. There are wax figures in all rooms. Guest-room, kitchen, children`s room, class-room and many other rooms have been reconstructed as they looked in an Arab home several decades ago.