The height of the 4-tier bell tower is over 83 meters. It is one of the tallest bell towers in Russia, as well as a good example of classical style in architecture. It is at the entrance to the Ryazan Kremlin on the side of the Cathedral park, on the site of the Glebovskaya (Gleb’s) tower.

In 18 century, after the southern Black Sea region had been annexed by Russia, the Ryazan Kremlin lost all its defense importance, so its walls and towers, which were still wooden at that time, were dismantled. 

Southern entrance was the main entrance to the Ryazan Kremlin. A large moat was spanned by the wooden Glebovsky (Gleb’s) bridge, which led to a single stone Glebovskaya entrance tower. The latter was very close to the Spasskaya (Savior) defense tower.

The foundation of the Sobornaya (Cathedral) bell tower was laid down on the site of Glebovskaya tower in 1789 but the bell tower was finished only 50 years later. Different architects took part in the construction of the bell tower. The first project was offered by Stepan Vorotilov, an architect from Kostroma. The first tier of the bell tower was built based on this project even though it was rejected by local authorities. But the second tier of the bell tower was already built based on the project of architect I. Russko in 1816. The famous Russian architect was commissioned with the task to finish the bell tower with the third tier in 1832. A viewing point is on the third tier. From there you can have a very beautiful view of all Ryazan, including the Kremlin. The sculptures of angels blowing trumpets are on the outside of the third tier of the bell tower.

However, Nikolai Voronikhin who was the main architect of Ryazan province convinced the archbishop in the necessity of the four tier and the spire. The height of the spire is 25 about meters. 

Although so many architects took part in the construction of the bell tower, its general appearance strictly corresponds to classical canons.