The Transfiguration monastery occupies about a half of the territory of the Ryazan Kremlin. The Transfiguration cathedral and the Epiphany church are at the monastery. The Hotel of the Nobles skirts the Kremlin rampart, and the Consistory building is near the Assumption cathedral.

The Transfiguration man’s monastery was founded by Arseny, bishop of Murom and Ryazan, in 13 century. After the host of Baty-khan had ruined Ryazan, the archbishop moved its seat just in this monastery. The Bishop’s house (now the Palace of Prince Oleg) and the Consistory building are nearby.

The Transfiguration monastery had a special status in Ryazan. The head of the monastery had the title of archimandrite and not hegumen. In 1757 they began to assign abbots to the monastery further raising its status. In 1920 the monastery was closed and given to the museum and this saved it from destruction.

The Transfiguration cathedral, which was built in 1702, is in the center of the monastery. Its construction was financed by Ryazan merchant М. Nemchinov. The Epiphany church built in 1640 is closer to the Assumption cathedral. 

The large Hotel of the Nobles is also on the territory of the Transfiguration monastery. Actually, it consists of two buildings erected in 18 and 19 centuries. They are connected by the church of John the Evangelist. The church is between these two buildings. For some time the Hotel of the Nobles was indeed a hotel for noble people. After the revolution of 1917 it was a residential building. Konstantin Simonov, Soviet writer, lived in the building in 1920. Today it is occupied by the Ryazan seminary.