The Palace of Prince Oleg was built in the center of the Ryazan Kremlin in 17 century. Originally, this Kremlin’s largest building was the Bishop`s House, and now very interesting expositions of the Ryazan architectural museum-reserve are held there. 

The palace has an area of 2.5 thousand meters and a length of 94 meters. In 1653-1655 Yri Yershov, master from Moscow, designed a two-floor building in the style of the Muscovite (Naryshkin) baroque, as well as the church of John the Evangelist on the first floor of the building. In 1692 Gregory Mazukhin, contractor from Kostroma,  added another floor and rebuilt the church. Later, the building was reconstructed and elongated (eastern part), but it was Mazukhin who gave the Palace of Oleg its today gorgeous appearance.

It is considered that the palace is on the site of the abode of Oleg, the most famous Ryazan prince, who ruled over the principality at the time of the Battle of Kulikovo in 1380. But the palace was given its name thanks to a large bas-relief of prince Oleg on the facade of the building.

The main part of the palace is occupied by the exposition «From Rus` to Russia» of the Ryazan architectural museum-reserve. At the palace there are a lot of interesting exhibits related to the history of Ryazan region from the prehistoric times to the Soviet period.

There you can see the model of the ancient Ryazan, which was razed by the troops of Baty-khan in 1237. Later, the city wasn’t restored but was moved to Pereslavl-Ryazansky, which became today’s Ryazan. The diorama «Heroic Defense of Old Ryazan in 1237» is of a special interest.

At the museum there are many various decorations, household items and implements of labour discovered during the excavations at the site of the ancient Ryazan. Near the diorama you can see the model of the Assumption cathedral of the Old Ryazan, as well as the models of the ships the citizens of Ryazan used to sail on the Oka River in 12-15 centuries.

Weapons and armour are also given much attention at the museum. Particularly, you can see the mail of Prince Oleg of Ryazan there. Previously, it was stored at the Solotchinsky Monastery founded by the prince. Later, he took vows and was buried there. At the museum you can also see the staff of the monk Peresvet who fought with Chelubey on the Field of Kulikovo. 

On the first floor of the museum there is an exposition devoted to the 19-century Ryazan. By that time Ryazan already became a small provincial town. You can also visit there some other exhibitions such as: «The Revolution of 1917», «The culture of Ryazan-Oka burial grounds».