The Ryazan Kremlin has an area of about 26 hectares. From two sides it was protected by the rivers Trubezh and Lybed. And a large rampart was to the south from the Kremlin.  The remaining section of the rampart skirts the Transfiguration monastery and the Bishop’s garden.

Now the Kremlin rampart reaches the height of 12 meters and in the Middle Ages its height was about 17 meters. The walls of 6-meter oak logs are on the top of the this rampart. A moat with water was in front of the rampart. The Kremlin withstood many storms and sieges but at the end of 17 century the wooden walls were pulled down as by that time they already lost their defensive importance.

To our days there survived a section of rampart of 220 meters long. You must have a walk on it, along the Cathedral bell tower and the Transfiguration monastery, and enjoy very picturesque views of the Ryazan Kremlin, its churches and cathedrals.